Best Ways to Speed up your PC

Computer is not only used to connect people in this modern world but it is also used to get a lot of personal and business-related tasks speedily and flawlessly. But, what to do if a computer is slow itself?

There are several factors like compatibility issues, bugs in the apps and software, malware and viruses, etc. that can make a computer slow. Thankfully, there is no need to replace a sluggish and slow performing PC because anyone can fix a slow computer by using different software and hardware tweaks.

If your personal computer is running slow, you should take advantage of the following ways to speed up your system before dumping it into the garbage or replacing with a new one.

Best Ways to Speed up your PC

Disable Startup Applications

Startup applications and programs are one of the common reasons of slow performing PCs. These are the apps and software that launch and run in the background on your system automatically whenever you turn it on. Such apps are commonly used to get back to them quickly. But if there are some startup apps that you really don’t need, be quick to uninstall them from your PC in order to boost its speed.

Lighten Your Web Browser

If you use web browser a lot on your PC and it is loaded with the plenty of extensions, lighten your web browser can help you save valuable CPU resources to optimize your PC for optimum speed. It is a great idea to remove unnecessary extensions and add-ons from the web browser to save more memory of the PC.

Invest in a Faster Drive

A computer made with the outdated parts and hardware can also perform slower. As hard drive is one of the most important parts of the CPU, upgrading an old drive with the SSD can be the best way to increase the processing speed of your PC. For this purpose, you can visit computer experts like computer repairs Melbourne to replace your old hard drive with a high speed SSD drive.

Update your Operating System Regularly

Making sure that the latest updates for operating system of your computer are installed is one of the best ways to speed up your PC. As we all know that many of the third-party developers are less competitive than the developers like Apple and Microsoft when it comes to update operating systems, one should be checking for the updates on regular basis or replace an existing less productive OS with a competitive one. Windows 10 is one of the best computer operating system as they typically install necessary updates automatically to provide their users with high quality performance.

Get Rid of the Unnecessary Files

Unnecessary files can eat up a huge amount of your memory and your PC will run slower in results. Getting rid of the unnecessary files will not only speed up your PC but will also enable you to manage important files more effectively.  Thankfully, there is no need to delete files one by one as a lot of third-party apps are out there that can make the file deletion process easier than ever. Moreover, the native cleanup tool of Windows 10 would be great to remove files within seconds. You can search “disk cleanup,” in the windows search to find the Disk cleanup tool easily. Once found, choose the drive you want to clean up and click OK. The toll will start deleting the files automatically.

Scan your PC for Malware

Make your system Malware free if you really want to get your tasks done swiftly. Built-in Windows defender of Windows 10 is strong enough than all the previous versions of windows and can block any type of virus and Malware. However, you should remember to turn it on to get the malicious Malware and viruses blocked. You can also personalize its options as per your individual needs. If you have any other third-party Malware scanner you trust on, you can also use that to scan your PC for Malware on regular basis.