Automated Application Tracking System

With the age of technology and the higher than normal unemployment rates, companies can expect to receive dozens, hundreds, or in some cases thousands of applications for just one job opening. It can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to sort through all of the applications to find the right candidates to fill your employment positions. Even if you have a recruiting team, physically going through each application can decrease productivity and lengthen the recruitment process.

You certainly do not want to miss your opportunity to hire a great employee, but you also do not want to waste staff hours sorting through all the mediocre applications to find the one or two remarkable applicants. Automated Application Tracking systems do the sorting work for you, so you can concentrate on the main issue of hiring the best employees. These systems are used by both large and small companies and can help cut the recruiting time in half. Here is a look at some of the great benefits of using an automated application tracking system for your business.

Automated Application Tracking System

Integration Capabilities When the time comes, it is likely that you will advertise your position over several different online mediums. It can be hard to track all of the applications coming in from different sources. Automated application tracking systems can integrate all of these online mediums and transfer them to one central location. Furthermore, they can reformat all the resumes and attachments submitted in one format, such as a PDF file or a Word document. These systems can also detect duplicate applications and merge their information together into one file.

Search Function Another great benefit of the application tracking system is that it has the capabilities of searching through the entire database of applications and resumes for specific keywords or key phrases. This can help you find the specific qualities, experience, skills, or educational requirements you are looking for in a candidate. In turn, this will help narrow your search down to those candidates who fit the set criteria that were developed for the position.

Parse Information The automated tracking system will also have the ability to instantly parse all of the vital information from each application. It transfers that information into the main database where each applicant’s information is placed into a personalized profile. This makes it easy for each member of the hiring team, from managers down to the human resource department, to have instant access to all of the pertinent information about each applicant. It can make sorting through the list of candidates simpler and more efficient.

Track Communication Since the application tracking system automatically creates a personalized profile for each applicant, it also offers a better means of tracking the recruitment process. Each member of the hiring team can add notes to any applicant’s profile. Detailed notes about communication between the applicant and the recruiting team, as well as where each applicant stands in the recruiting process can also be added and tracked. This allows team members to collaborate throughout the recruiting process, even if they work in multiple departments or locations.

Ultimately, automated application tracking systems can help lower the overall costs of the recruitment process by decreasing staff hours. It also allows you to quickly and efficiently find the candidates who best meet the necessary employment criteria and who fit best with your company’s goals and mission. It can boost productivity and literally cut your recruiting time in half.

Byline: Eric Fetch is a writer for Recruiter box. He is interested in helping businesses improve workplace productivity.