File Sharing is Illegal

People who are unaware about the intricacies of file sharing think that this is not a genuine way to share files. If they will download or upload a file, then their computer may get affected with the virus. Virus is something you will not get only while sharing files; you can be infected if you use an infected CD in your laptop. Other things are related to file hosting andfile sharing is that downloading a movie was not so easy before. It was difficult share the video of your kids with your family members and relatives living abroad. Filesharing also facilitates software developers or video makers.


If you are sharing someone else copyright material, then you are doing it without the prior permission of the copyright owner. If you share something of your own, then how it can be illegal. How it is illegal to share something, which is free of cost and already available on other websitesfor free distribution. You need to gather relevant information about file host script online before using it.

File Sharing is Illegal

Spyware and malware

When you are downloading a software program or large files from the insecure websites, then it is imperative to check them before downloading and installing on your computer. You have to check it for malware, viruses and spywares, which can create havoc to your computer. If by chance your computer gets affected with this malicious program, then you may lose your important data. It may wipe your important folders from your hard drive and you will find it difficult to recover the same. Moreover, you will need some time to get rid of this malware.

Public domain material

Material, which comes in public domain and is free to use can be sent through filesharing websites. For example, there are websites which are providing study material in videos, audio and text format free of cost. You can share this kind of information for non-commercial use and this will help other people. This goes against the general conception that filesharing is illegal. What matters is the kind of material you are sharing online on a file host script.

Filesharing for promotion

Copyright owners or other business houses can share their work online free to public. This will increase their audience and enhance their revenue. Business houses do it to promote their business online and customers will have an idea of their products in advance.