Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone which is majorly found in men and is secreted by the male gland called as the testes. It is an important hormone which is responsible for a lot of male characteristics including sexual desires. It has been found that even women produce this hormone but in relatively smaller quantity in the ovaries. However, this is true only for a few women and not all. But the level of hormones that are present are always different for different bodies. This is directly proportional to age and health of the person along with the daily lifestyle and diet that they lead. Apart from all these, the effects of low testosterone on mood is also on a higher end.

Not just a sex hormone

Testosterones are a lot more than just sex hormones and this can only be found out by a little research on the topic. So, if you suffer from low testosterone and wish to increase it for a better living then you should know that it is even responsible for the strengthening of the bones and to increase the muscle mass along with a thicker skin and a muscle strength. Being a hormone it has a lot of responsibilities on the functioning and of the body systems such as the cardiovascular and metabolic systems. The effects of low testosterone on mood is also on a higher end. Though the testosterone is produced by the testicles, the order to do so is received by the pituitary gland which is the size of a pea or a raisin and is in the brain at the back side.This gland is responsible for all the gland functionality in the body, but this gland receives the instructions from the hypothalamus gland in the brain near the pituitary gland. The level of testosterone can be due to the dysfunction or malfunctioning of the gland. There are many effects of low testosterone which are seen among men and women but cannot be defined as common as they depend on the overall fitness and lifestyle of the individual.

The most common reason for drop in the level of testosterone is due to emotional and mental reasons. It can also be due to the illness or disease or infection in the body. If you feel that your testosterone level has gone down, then you can schedule a visit with the doctor and get it checked. It just needs a simple blood test to determine the level of testosterone in your body.You can also be affected by low testosterone due to the symptoms such as depression, diabetes or high blood pressure.So, if you are lo at sexual performance or cannot perform any more then it is time you visit the doctor and find out the reason for it. The doctor may prescribe the treatment for low testosterone and get the levels up as much desired and necessary for the body. However it may also have a few side effects such as low libido or increase in body fat or others too.