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Your Rights In Las Vegas

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Let’s look at some of the rights that you have in Las Vegas:

  • Stalking: It is a crime for anyone to stalk you in Las Vegas. This is harassment and a danger to your life. If the harasser keeps stalking you, follows you all the time, starts to threaten you or even starts communicating with you, without having your consent and you start to feel scared, harassed, intimated or terrorized because of the activities of this stalker, you can report the person for stalking. All you have to do to report the stalker is immediately call 911.

  • Illegal Child Contact: Any person, deliberately engaged in conduct with a child under 16 years of age, causing the child to feel harassed, frightened, intimated or terrorized, is committing the crime which is categorized legally as – unlawful conduct with the child. In case you are under 16 years of age, and a person is harassing you in such a bad manner that you begin to feel intimidated, harassed or terrorized, you have every right to report that person to the law. All you have to do is call 911.

  • Loitering Where Kids Gather: If any person does not have a legitimate reason to supervise kids and loiters about where kids gather, or the person loiters about near a public place where kids are or a school, that person is considered to be guilty of a misdemeanor. Unless the adult has a legitimate reason to be at any such place where children are, the presence of the adult at that place would be considered as loitering. If you see someone loitering about or someone is being harassed at such places by an adult, you should immediately call the police.

Need Legal Help In Las Vegas?

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