The Toshiba Battery Scandal Aftermath: Check Your Laptop

When it comes to consumer electronics, Toshiba is a name that you have certainly heard of. Namely, the company has recently decided to sell a controlling stake in its unit of consumer electronics to Midea (a Chinese appliance maker), and there has been a lot of speculations regarding what will happen with their laptops and tablets. This, alongside the “Toshiba battery scandal” from earlier this year, has made consumers doubtful when it comes to the quality of electronic devices that Toshiba puts out.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on March 30 a recall for battery packs in Toshiba. This related to laptops sold between June 2011 and January 2016, affecting nearly 40 different computer models including Tecra, Satellite and Portege models. Toshiba announced a voluntary recall and provided the affected users with a free battery replacement. Among those affected directly are also the users who replaced their laptop battery during servicing and purchased replacement battery packs. Users can check manually by looking at the Toshiba model sticker on the bottom of their laptop, then go to Toshiba’s site and enter the model part number.

Toshiba has enabled their users with new battery replacements, free of charge. How this may affect you as a user? Getting caught up in a recall can be racking, but look at it this way: if you are in the need of replacing Toshiba parts, it is better to wait for a new battery pack for a few days than risk doing any damage to your computer. Toshiba took the responsibility for the fault and advised its users to use the AC power adapter for powering their laptop, previously removing the battery pack from it.

So, should you still consider buying a Toshiba laptop? There is no reason for you not to. With a simple double-checking, by keeping your warranty and choosing a model with a great customer review history, you are good to go. You can double-check your laptop by:

  • Inspecting the box. Inspect it visually when it arrives by looking for possible signs of abuse. Also, check to see whether the box has not been opened and re-taped.
    Assessing box contents. The contents should include the laptop, power adapter, and battery pack. Some laptops have the battery built-it, so it does not come separately.
    Inspect the laptop. Verify that there are no marks, fractures, or cracks. Make sure that each of the keyboard’s keys goes down and up in the same manner, and check if the lid opens and closes smoothly.
    Verify specifications – CPU, memory, storage drive capacity, and operating system – by checking its system properties.

The warranty document is an important component when it comes to malfunctions and repairs. Nowadays, whether you are going to get a good warranty or not can depend on the vendor and retailer. Buying an extended warranty usually does not tend to do much good and there is a general rule that they are just there to make some extra money for the companies. Inform yourself on the specified warranty conditions before purchasing a new laptop. Also, see what other people’s experiences are like regarding warranty repairs and customer support with specific laptop sellers.