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If you’re stepping in the lion’s den, you have to know how to tame lions. Carding is not for the amateur and unprepared.

In this article, you will learn a lot of the terminology, strategy and how to comport yourself when faced with the challenges accustomed to this profession.

Debit –> A debit card is a card directly linked to a customer’s account. With this, purchases van be made anywhere credit cards are accepted.

Credit –> a credit card offers more options to customers. MasterCard offer low limit cards and high limit cards as well as exclusive offers such as cash back and travel rewards.

AARP –> these are cards issued by Chase with unlimited cash back and added protection. In the US they are normally referred to as Chase cards.

Charge card –> MasterCard issues charge cards without a spending limit. The balance on the card is paid once the card statement is received.

Black card –> A globally accepted credit card that offers a wide range of benefits such as travel and rental insurance, baggage loss insurance, trip delay and trip cancellation supported by a global service.

Blue card –> MasterCard operated card which allow customers to cash out 30% of their credit limit. It is an acceptable payment option worldwide.

Corporate card –> Visa and MasterCard operates this card for huge businesses and corporations. It offers a lot of benefits including additional security and travel rewards.

Corporate T&E –> Visa and T&E integrated card for those who use T&E services frequently.

Corporate fleet card –> MasterCard Corporate Fleet Card is strictly for travel and transport companies. It allows holders to monitor and control employee spending and business costs.

Business –> MasterCard Business Cards for small and medium enterprises offers low fees and numerous benefits.

Gold –> Visa operated card issued to customers with high income levels. It offers low discount and improved security.

Gold Premium –> all the benefits of the Gold Card in addition to access to VIP lounge, insurance and other perks.

Platinum –> Cardholders will enjoy the numerous benefits of multiple cards  as well as the services and the rewards.

Virtual –> Virtual cards by MasterCard are for customers maintaining a low spending limit.

World –> MasterCard World Card is isdued to high income level clients.

World Elite –> VIP MasterCard for top tier customers offering high level rewards and perks.