Video Management Systems

Imagine a world which is constantly under surveillance. Cameras are at every road, junction, and store or shop entrance. You may feel that your personal rights are being violated by having constant surveillance in place everywhere you go, but the benefits greatly outnumber the risk. By having more and better security systems in place, we are better positioned to catch events as they happen, and we will be more easily able to prevent them. Video management systems are quickly changing the way that we think about security, and they make our lives easier in so many ways. See below for some of the many benefits that these systems have for us.

Video Management Systems


One of the great things about using a video management system is that the cost associated with setting up and installing a security camera system is lowered immensely. Instead of having numerous standard definition format cameras in place around an area, fewer cameras can be utilized since a VMS makes use of high definition resolution quality in recording. This means that less will be spent on purchasing initial cameras, and less will be used as well when shelling out for technician repair services and replacements.Since recordings are saved on online servers rather than locally, less will be spent on maintenance.


A video management system allows the user to quickly and easily view past and present footage gathered from multiple cameras. At a glance, you can see how many people have entered a certain area, and most VMS’s include advanced features such as license-plate recognition, zoom/wide-shot modes, etc. You may also view recorded content while on the move, such as if travelling overseas or domestically. All that is needed is an internet-connected device such as PC or iPhone, and security can easily be checked on no matter where you are.


Using a video management system such as Qognify’s allows for greater tracking of information from an analytics standpoint. Special software is included which can even perform motion and facial recognition, do headcounts, and more. Most influential and famous companies such as Apple and Nike use this technology at their headquarters in California and Oregon respectively.  Having more sensible and powerful analytics decreases overall time spent in tracking, and increases productivity.


As mentioned earlier, camera systems that are backed up by video management systems end up having a boost in resolution. A 2 MP (megapixel) camera would instantly be upgraded to at least 10 MP (megapixel) by the software enhancements. This results in a decrease in need for numerous amounts of cameras, as a less amount of HD cameras will provide the same results at a lesser cost.

In summary, if your company or business is expanding and creating new facilities, video management systems are definitely to be considered as the future of security. Jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the benefits which technology in our day and age is providing to us. We promise you won’t be disappointed!